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The Ultimate Ford Bronco Enthusiast 4 Book Set

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From the first drawings in the early 1960s to today’s uber-popular new Bronco, get the full story of Ford’s legendary SUV in this stunningly illustrated volume.

When Ford introduced the Bronco for the 1966 model year, its intent was to get a slice of the off-road and outdoor enthusiast utility market then owned by the popular Jeep CJ and International Harvester Scout. What Ford couldn’t know at the time was that it was creating a legend—a rugged, square-shouldered vehicle that would exist in its original form through 1977 and in various guises for a further 20 years, wrapping up its first life in 1996.

Since the Bronco’s retirement, the SUV/crossover sector has become the dominant segment of the automotive market. Nearly all manufacturers—even exotics like Lamborghini and Bentley—offer SUVs in their line-ups. In fact, Ford has largely discontinued passenger vehicles (except the Mustang) in favor of trucks and SUVs. Simultaneously, the collector market has turned its eye to vintage SUVs and trucks, the former growing significantly over the past 5 years. Classic Broncos have doubled in value over that period, regularly selling at prices ranging from $40K to $100K.

The story picks up in 2017 when Ford announced plans to revive one of its most hallowed nameplates: Bronco. Brilliantly styled to pick up the beloved, boxy cues of the original, customers began dropping deposits as soon as the order books opened. Ford still struggles to meet demand with speculators flipping new Broncos on the secondary market for thousands over invoice.

Beautifully produced and expertly written, Ford Bronco is a must-have book for all Bronco and SUV enthusiasts.

GIs returning after World War II created an entirely new automotive market niche when they bought surplus Jeeps and began exploring the rugged backcountry of the American West. This burgeoning market segment, which eventually became known as sport utility vehicles (SUVs), numbered about 40,000 units per year with offerings from Jeep, Scout, Toyota, and Land Rover. In 1966, Ford entered the fray with its Bronco that caught on quickly and soon established a reputation as a solid backcountry performer.

Ford moved upstream with the introduction of the larger Bronco for 1978, witnessing a huge increase in sales for the second-generation trucks. The Twin Traction Beam front end was introduced in the third generation, and further refinements including more aerodynamic styling, greater luxury, and more powerful fuel-injected engines came on board in the generations that followed. Through it all, the Bronco retained its reputation as a tough, versatile, and comfortable rig, both on and off the paved road. With the reintroduction of the Bronco for 2020, Ford is producing a vehicle for a whole new generation of enthusiasts that looks to bring modern styling and performance to the market while building on the 30-year heritage of the first five generations of the Bronco so dearly loved by their owners.

From the development process and details of the first trucks through the 1996 models, author Todd Zuercher shares technical details, rarely seen photos, and highlights of significant models along with the stories of those people whose lives have been intertwined with the Bronco for many years. This book will have new information for everyone and will be a must-have for longtime enthusiasts and new owners alike!

• More than a million Ford Broncos were produced from 1966 to 1996

• Ford Broncos are very hot in the marketplace; restored examples routinely sell for more than $50,000

• With the return of the Ford Bronco in 2020, there will be immense media coverage and great anticipation

The Ford Bronco is a sport utility vehicle that was produced from 1966 to 1996, with five distinct generations. The Bronco permanently entered American popular culture on June 17, 1994, when a white 1992 model owned and driven by Al Cowlings with O. J. Simpson, who was wanted for the murders of his ex-wife and her friend, attempted to elude the Los Angeles Police Department in a low-speed chase, which was nationally televised and viewed by millions nationwide. This is complete story from conception through discontinuation in 1996, told by historian (and well-known "Ford guy") Paul McLaughlin utilizing his large collection of photographs, brochures, ads and other promotional material. Follow the Bronco's various incarnations from a small sport utility vehicle of the 1960s and 1970s into the larger full-size Bronco of the 1980s and 1990s, special models like the "Bill Stroppe Edition", "Eddie Bauer Specials", the Bronco II and other juicy tidbits like the Bronco concept vehicle that Ford took on the car show circuit in 2005 (which got Bronco enthusiasts so excited that Ford was going to add a Bronco vehicle to their lineup once again). Also covered are the Broncos that were raced in off-road desert racing, Bronco toys and other collectibles, specification sheets, production numbers, and other interesting facts. Finally, a book for all Bronco enthusiasts!

Stuffed with never-before-seen photography, stories,
and race results, Bronco Racing: Ford’s Legendary 4x4 in
Off-Road Competition is the most definitive publication ever
on this marque’s racing success!

In 1965, legendary builder and off-road aficionado
Bill Stroppe was one of the first to test the new Bronco in
off-road conditions. In March 1966, Stroppe introduced his
racing Bronco to the press at the Bronco Roundup, where
racing ace Ray Harvick pounded the Santa Ana river bottom
with his tuned machine to win Top Eliminator at the Four-
Wheel-Drive Grand Prix at Riverside, and the rest is history.
Ford’s Bronco dominated the off-road racing scene
and captured coveted titles in the Mint 400, Baja 500, and
dirt racing’s crowning achievement: the Mexican 1000/
Baja 1000. As the first-generation Bronco gave way to the
second-generation machine (1978), racing Broncos continued
to devour the competition until Ford pulled the plug on
the rig in 1996.

Complementing the legendary Broncos featured here,
you will also hear the tales of their wranglers, including
Parnelli Jones, Rod Hall, Larry Minor, Shelby Hall, James
Garner, Don Barlow, James Duff, Bill Rush, and the aforementioned
Ray Harvick and Bill Stroppe. The infamous
mounts covered include Big Oly/Crazy Colt, Pony, Big Hoss,
Crazy Horse, Stove, and Colt.

Diligently penned by Bronco racing historian John Elkin,
this book is the most comprehensive collection of historical
accuracy ever authored on this subject. Pull your belts tight
and wipe your goggles clean one last time with Bronco Racing:
Ford’s Legendary 4x4 in Off-Road Competition!

• The Ford Bronco’s return in 2021 has ignited the most
interest in the Ford Bronco since its inception in 1966.
• This comprehensive book on the Bronco in off-road
competition is the most comprehensive book ever
created on the subject.
• This book contains never-before-seen images, new
stories, and documented historical facts.

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