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Triumph Herald & Vitesse

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  • Barcode: 9781787115194
Benefit from the author’s decades of working on and writing about Triumphs, with the real facts you need to decide whether a Herald or Vitesse is going to suit you. The book covers the chassis-built small Triumph models, explains how and where to buy one, how to handle auctions and whether to buy the best you can find, or to take on a restoration or a rolling restoration. It advises on choosing the right model for your needs and your budget, and describes the flavour of the more pedestrian Herald, contrasted with the more expensive and more powerful Vitesse.Triumph Herald & Vitesse explains in practical language how to apply key checks to spot a bad car quickly, then gives you a comprehensive inspection guide and an in-depth analysis of the various models’ strengths and weaknesses. It provides inside technical information to save you the painful process of learning about Triumph foibles the hard way. It discusses upgrades, researched thoroughly by the author, and ends with comprehensive details of club backup and support organisations. Benefit from the author’s decades of Triumph experience, with the real facts you need to evaluate and buy a Herald or Vitesse.