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Triumph TR6 Restoration and Workshop Manual

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Triumph Tr6 The TR6 was often described as the last hairy-chested British sports car. Its modern lines may have hidden its rugged construction dating from another era, but its performance was anything but. 120mph was easily attainable, and it found a ready market in all parts of the world. These cars are now 50 years old, but still attract a huge following worldwide.Triumph TR6 is designed to offer owners of TR6s an insight to some of the problems that can arise, and how to fix them. By breaking the car down into easy to follow sections, engine, drive line, suspension, etc, you can see not only where the problems arise, but also how to solve them. Information is also provided on improvements, owners clubs and spares suppliers to help keep your car in good condition and on the road. You own a beautiful TR6, but does worrying about what might go wrong with it spoil some of your enjoyment? Relax let this books expertise be your guide to trouble-free motoring and getting maximum enjoyment behind the wheel of your classic Triumph. Worry free motoring with your classic TR6 A comprehensive and conveniently sized trouble-shooter that no TR6 owner should be without. This book covers problems that commonly occur in the TR6, and expert advice is given on dealing with fixes. Triumph TR6 & TR250 1967-1976 REPAIR WORKSHOP MANUAL BOOK HARDCOVER The Complete Official Triumph TR6 & TR250: 1967-1976 includes complete coverage of Triumph TR6 and Triumph TR250 models sold in the United Kingdom and in North America during the model years 1967-1976. Includes: Official Triumph TR6 and TR250 Driver's Handbook Official Triumph TR6 and TR250 Workshop Manual This manual was prepared in close cooperation with British Leyland Motors in order to provide complete, authentic and up-to-date maintenance and repair information to Triumph owners, dealershIn Print service departments, and other professional mechanics. The Driver's Handbook (Owners Manual), which comprises the first part of this manual, is the handbook provided with every new Triumph. The Workshop Manual (Repair Manual), which comprises the second - and largest - portion of this manual, is the official factory manual. This manual contains emission control information that applies specifically to Triumph manufactured for the United Kingdom and North American markets, and a complete, illustrated catalog of special tools. Bentley Publishers has incorporated additional factory procedures and specifications that have become available following the publication of the original factory information. This manual is therefore an accurate and comprehensive set of service information for Triumph TR6 & TR250 models sold in the UK and North America during the model years 1967-1976.