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Tuning Rover V-8 Engines: How To Get Best Performance For Road And Competition Use

  • Barcode: 9780854299331
Subtitled: How to Get Best Performance For Road and Competition Use. Detailed information on tuning and building your Rover V8 engine. Tips and secrets used by professionals include every aspect of assembly from selecting components to increasing engine capacity. Covers road cars, off-road vehicles, circuit racing and rallying. The aluminium Rover V8 high-performance engine has been a favourite with professional racers and enthusiasts for over two decades, but until now there has been no single source of detailed tuning and building information. This book explores all the available options and helps the engine builder to make the right choices for both road cars and competition vehicles. Contents include cylinder blocks and heads; crankshafts, con rods and pistons; camshafts; induction systems; how to increase an engine's capacity; and advice on improving performance.