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You & Your Jaguar XK/XKR: Buying, Enjoying, Maintaining, Modifying

  • Barcode: 9781787113923
New updated and enlarged edition! This book is the only current title covering the whole model range in precise detail, and is a vital read – both to those who currently own an XK, and anyone contemplating purchasing one. This is a book that will interest all Jaguar enthusiasts and those interested in the history of Jaguar and its cars – the perfect XK ‘handbook.’ Features • Everything you ever wanted to know about Jaguar’s relaunch and success in the sports car field • A tribute to one of the best Jaguar sports cars made • Reveals the story and development history of Jaguar’s iconic XK & XKR • Comprehensive data includes detailed prototype images, special edition cars, and production • Analysis of what’s great about the XK range, and what’s not so great • Reviews maintenance schedules and modifications • The history of the XK, from conception to end of production • The only complete book on the subject – from the 1996 XK8 to the 2014 XK-RS GT • Answers all your questions on buying, enjoying, and maintaining an XK • The must-read book for all XK owners – past, present and future! Description The new updated and enlarged edition of the only book on the complete Jaguar XK/XKR range of 1996 to 2014. Covering design, development, maintenance, modifications and full model-by-model details, this is the perfect ‘handbook’ for the XK range. Synopsis New updated and enlarged edition! Jaguar’s XK sports models were produced from 1996 to 2014 in two distinct forms: the orignal, steel-bodied cars and the later advanced technology aluminium-bodied versions. Highly significant for Jaguar, these cars reintroduced the world to Jaguar sports car motoring and, in doing so, echoed the success of previous icons, such as the E-type. With no plans from Jaguar for a direct replacement, the XK and XKR are guaranteed to become much sought after models, which are already attracting keen interest from driving enthusiasts.