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  • Date Of Publication: October 2012

Lost Hot Rods II: More Remarkable Stories of How They Were Found (Cartech)

  • Barcode: 9781934709931

The history of hot rodding is filled with stories of cars that were lost for a wide variety of reasons. Some were crashed, others lost in accidents, and others simply faded away. Its the third group that Lost Hot Rods II focuses on. Many great hot rods that were once famous were simply hidden away. Some of them have been tracked down and are now found once again.As a solid follow-up to the success of the original Lost Hot Rods, this book continues the fun of discovering whatever happened to many of the great rods and customs built in the early days of the sport. Lost Hot Rods II shares the full story of each car, including how it was originally built, when it dropped off the radar, and how it was ultimately found. Photos from the past and present are included to showcase the story behind each and every one of these great cars.Industry veteran and celebrated historian Pat Ganahl once again opens the archives and pounds the pavement in order to bring you the stories on some of the coolest cars ever to appear in shows or grace the pages of automotive magazines. A perfect companion to the best-selling Lost Hot Rods: Remarkable Stories of How They Were Found.

Author: Pat Ganahl

ISBN: 9781934709931

Publisher: CarTech

Binding Type: Hardcover

Illustrations: 368 color photos

Pages: 192

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11?

Weight: 1.0