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The Dune Buggy Handbook: The A-Z Of Vw-Based Buggies Since 1964 New Edition

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  • Barcode: 9781787111349
Here is an introduction to the whole cult of the dune buggy, from its earliest beginnings as a crude off-road vehicle in the 1920s, to the explosion of glassfibre-bodied and VW-based fun cars that became the cult transport of teenagers everywhere in the 1960s and 1970s. With histories, production details, dates and identification tips for over 70 US and UK buggies, this book will help identify the many marques that have been produced over the years. Using period photographs and archive material, combined with amazing contemporary photography, the book is a visual feast, and also contains sections on buggies and celebrities for those that want to spot pop stars, TV hosts and racing drivers posing with period vehicles. Albar "S" & "ES" Apal Baja GT Barris "T" Berry Mini-T Boss Bug Bounty Hunter Bugetta Bugle Bushmaster Claimjumper Deserter GS & GT Dune Runner EMPI Imp FF Buggy Fiberfab Clodhopper & Vagabond Fiber Jet Cobra & Sand Hopper Fiber Jet Enos & Indy "500" Fiber Jet Rough Terrain Fiber-Tech Manx Fun Hugger Gallery Glitterbug GP MkI GP MkIIGP Super Buggy GP LDV (Light Delivery Van) GP Ranchero GT Buggy Humbug Hustler Hustler GT Invader Jackson's Kustom Buggy Kango Kellison Sandpiper Kyote Kyote II (US) Kyote II (UK) Limited Edition Californian Mangosta Manta-Ray MkI-III Meyers Manx (Monocoque) Meyers Manx (VW Floorpan) Meyers Tow'd Minibug Ocelot & Ocelot S/S Parabug Powerbug Rat Renegade (US) Renegade (UK) Renegade "T" Sandpiper Scorpion LT Shark Stripper Tramp Volksrod MkI Volksrod MkII-IV Vulture Parting Shots