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The Victory Motorcycle: The Making Of A New American Motorcycle

  • Barcode: 9780760305300
VICTORY: The Making of A New American Motorcycle covers the developmental history of the V92C, the all-new motorcycle from the Victory Motorcycles Division of Polaris Industries Inc. from the idea in 1993 to production in 1998. The Victory motorcycle is historically significant because it's the first mass-produced, full-sized, all-new motorcycle from an American manufacturer in more than 60 years. Smaller motorcycles such as scooters have been built during that time, as have custom bikes, but nothing on the scale of the Victory V92C, a high-performance cruiser motorcycle. The book chronicles all stages of the bike's development, including: Polaris research of the motorcycle market; corporate review and approval of the Victory project; benchmarking of competitive motorcycles to establish performance goals; use of a test "mule" to refine the ride and handling; creation of the big Victory V-twin engine (the most-powerful mass-produced V-twin on the cruiser market); and final development work on pre-production bikes.