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BMW e30 Faulty fuel pump symptoms + replacement

by Chad Byrum on March 31, 2022

BMW e30 Faulty fuel pump symptoms + replacement

The Midlife Classic Cars 1986 BMW 325i (e30 chassis) has been one reliable and fun classic but needs some attention from Chad and Lucas. Right up until the mid 90’s a lot of vehicles used a 2 pump fueling system. A smaller in-tank sender pump working in conjunction with an external main fuel pump. When you hear a continuous hum or whine from either the fuel tank or underneath, accompanied by a stumbling while accelerating or a rough idle, one of the pumps may be failing or has failed. While this type of fuel system can often still function with one pump inoperational, or may even go unnoticed- you need to act fast, as you risk burning out both fuel pumps. In this video, we explore replacing the main external fuel pump in the BMW e30, failing fuel pump symptoms to watch out for, and the ever-helpful must-have Bentley Repair Manual.

Keeping your classic in tip-top shape and on the road requires knowledge and good information. Enthusiast approved e30 literature, guides, and service manuals available from Midlife classic cars.



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