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Don’t Subaru or Porsche swap your Volkswagen!

by Chad Byrum on March 31, 2022

 Don’t Subaru or Porsche swap your Volkswagen!

Before you post your broken-down classic Volkswagen Beetle for sale or swap the air-cooled engine in your Volkswagen Bus for a Porsche or Subaru one, it might be worthwhile taking a crack at that original engine- it might surprise you! These robust little flat-four boxer engines have stood the test of time, known for their simplicity, reliability, and capability to be modified. With a little know-how, anyone can keep their classic VW air-cooled engine around for years to come. These little engines even offer a lot of performance potential, keep in mind they have been around for over 70 years powering everything from; VW Beetles, Buses, Porsche 914s, off-road buggies, sandrails, formula race cars, and even been the go-to platform for kit cars! With a legacy like that, it’s worth keeping that engine in great running condition! Learn from the best with the Workbench How to Rebuild VW Air-Cooled Engines manual - which covers everything from diagnosis, disassembly, rebuild, and tuning in easy-to-follow tutorialized steps. Complete with color photos, and tons of helpful information for anyone who owns, works with, or even those shopping for a classic air-cooled VW or Porsche.

Keeping your classic in tip-top shape and on the road requires knowledge and good information. Enthusiast approved Volkswagen literature, guides, and service manuals available from Midlife classic cars.



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