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The ONLY Slant 6 manual you will ever need!

by Chad Byrum on March 31, 2022
The ONLY Slant 6 manual you will ever need!

The Chrysler Slant Six is making a comeback! While the Stellantis twin-turbo “Tornado” i6 is incoming, the Chrysler G-Engine, or Slant 6 engines have always been. Since the 1960s and whichever the cubic flavor from the plucky 170, 190, to the venerable 225, this rebuild and modification guide will help you make the most of your already unkillable leaning tower of power! Learn the tips and tricks from Slant Six expert Doug Dutra aka “Dr. Dodge” on the tried and true methods of squeaking more power out of your classic Mopar, and keeping it reliably on the road for years to come. This book is a garage must-have, and the perfect gift for any die-hard Mopar fan! From finding the right Mopar parts, keeping the old rig running on a shoestring budget, to the step-by-step slant six engine tear downs complete with illustrations, if you only had one book on the shelf, this would be it.

Keeping your classic in tip-top shape and on the road requires knowledge and good information. Enthusiast approved Chrysler, Dodge & Mopar literature, guides, and service manuals available from Midlife classic cars.



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