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High-Performance Cams & Valvetrains & How to Build Max-Performance Ford 429/460 Engines (2 Book Set)

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Experience the Power of High-Performance Cams & Valvetrains: Theory, Technology, and Selection

Camshafts are the driving force behind any four-stroke engine, serving as both the coach and conductor. Whether you're dealing with a classic flathead or a cutting-edge Formula 1 machine, the performance of your engine hinges on the precise timing and operation of its valves. While valvetrain configurations may vary across applications, the fundamental principles remain constant. That's why this book delves into the language, setup, dynamics, energy, and pressure aspects of valvetrains, offering insights applicable to engines ranging from sub-15-hp go-karts to 500-plus-hp street beasts and modern 1,500-plus-hp NHRA Pro Stock monsters.

In High-Performance Cams & Valvetrains: Theory, Technology, and Selection, Billy Godbold—a former farm kid turned physicist—shares his extensive quarter-century of experience working with valvetrains at renowned companies like Comp Cams, Lunati, Crane Cams, and Edelbrock. Drawing from his collaborations with professional teams in NASCAR, NHRA, road racing, dirt track racing, offshore racing, and land speed racing, Billy provides a unique perspective on valvetrain systems. Through his lighthearted and analogy-rich approach, this book simplifies complex concepts without compromising essential details.

Featuring specific configurations and applications, High-Performance Cams & Valvetrains equips you with practical techniques and examples for optimizing camshafts and valvetrains in various scenarios. Whether you're working with intakes, headers, superchargers, turbochargers, fuels, carburetors, or modern EFI applications, this book offers invaluable guidance. Whether you're building a classic hot rod (Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, and more), a modern performance machine (LS, Hemi, Coyote, or Godzilla), or a competition engine (road racing, circle track racing, or drag racing), you'll discover how to modify your valvetrain system effectively to unlock the maximum potential of each component, ultimately helping you achieve your unique goals.

Why Choose High-Performance Cams & Valvetrains?

  1. Unlock the Complexity: Cams and valvetrains can be daunting subjects, but this book simplifies the functionality of these intricate systems, making them easy to comprehend.
  2. Expert Author: Written by Billy Godbold, an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience working for top camshaft and valvetrain creators in the automotive industry, this book offers unmatched expertise and insights.
  3. Visual Learning: Packed with hundreds of charts and graphs, High-Performance Cams & Valvetrains provides a visual feast, helping you grasp every aspect of selecting the right camshaft for your vehicle.

About the Author

Billy Godbold's journey began on a rural Mississippi farm, where his love for science and internal combustion engines took root. Combining these passions, he pursued a Master of Science degree in physics from Florida State University. Throughout his career, Billy has collaborated with legendary figures like Glidden, Lingenfelter, Jenkins, Pink, and Elliot, eventually becoming a trusted consultant for engineering-focused NASCAR teams and original equipment manufacturers.

Learn to make incredible horsepower from Ford’s most
powerful big-block engine design

For years, Ford relied on the venerable FE big-block
engine design to power its passenger cars, trucks, and even
muscle cars—and why not? The design was rugged, reliable,
amortized, and a proven race winner at Le Mans and drag
strips across the country. However, as is always the case with
technology, time marches on, and Ford had a new design with
many improvements in mind. Enter the 385 family of engines
(also known as the “Lima” big-block). Produced from 1968–
1998, the 385-series engines were used in multiple applications
from industrial trucks to muscle cars and luxury cruisers.

In Ford 429/460 Engines: How to Build Max Performance,
which was written by Ford expert Jim Smart, all aspects of
performance building are covered, including engine history
and design, induction systems, cylinder heads, the valvetrain,
camshaft selection, the engine block, and rotating assemblies.
The best options, optimal parts matching, aftermarket versus
factory parts, budget levels, and build levels are also examined.
The 429/460 engines are a good platform for stroking,
so that is covered here as well.

Whether you want to build a torque-monster engine for
your off-road F-150, a better-preforming version of a 1970sera
smog motor for your luxury Lincoln, or an all-out highhorsepower
mill for your muscle car, this book is a welcome
addition to your performance library.

• First modern all-color performance book in decades
dedicated to this engine
• Covers both aftermarket and factory parts
• Millions of these engines were built over a 30-year span

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